[color=#ffffff]Hi, I’m a pretty new player and I’m still getting used to the game. Can someone explain to me the idea of Scandal? Currently I’m stuck in the Tomb-Colonies and would love tips on how to get out. I apologize for the dumb question.[/color]
edited by Pomeray on 5/9/2016

Scandal is a menace quality generally gaining by acting scandalous or failing persuasive challenges. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the tomb-colonies but you just need to reduce the quality back to zero through the storylets there. Be calm and boring in your activities until you can leave.

Also, don’t wear any scandalous apparel while trying (is there any scandalous apparel for gentlemen?)

Hats, stockings. the scandalous hat is gender neutral, if a bit feminine, while the stockings are traditionally female. However, were they not nearly prostitute red, there would be no scandal in wearing them, regardless of gender.

Society has adjusted to the far odder things, they’re too busy condemning devils and drugs and rubberies and tomb colonists to worry about mere cross-dressers. It’s not so much that london is progressive, as that society doesn’t have the energy to condemn those things. even the most predudiced of all society is simply too busy to care much. Crossdressing is not worth the energy to condemn.

I do appreciate that anyone can wear anything. Indeed, this ostensibly female character of mine has a ratskin suit.
I’ll grant you the stockings - just. But all this doesn’t get around the fact that the scandal is primarily tied to usually female items of dress. So it would still be nice to have gender-neutral scandalous clobber or items for gentlemen, say a coat in the macaroni style (unfashionable by now, I know). A wig maybe? One could have a lot of fun.

"To be honest, this idea of ‘female of items of dress’ kind of is a bit offensive . . . "

Tell that to the Victorians? Is it really helpful to essentially tell someone not to voice an opinion because you find it “offensive”?

Personally, I’m offended at the idea that warm, succulent hu-mans should not engage in the pleasures of Otharathooth in exchange for trembling, quivering amber.

Absimiliard lifts a handkerchief to cover lips in a face suddenly turned green and pale and walks out quickly saying nothing.

The Captain was about to point out how scandalous Society finds even a well-turned ankle – like the Turkish Girl’s – but must attend to certain urgent biological needs instead.

This coloration is uncustomarily festive for a fellow hu-man. Allow me to apply this slime to you to soothe your ailment. It will be the work of but a moment.

[OOC: May I just say how much I love the idea of you pretending to be human so earnestly and so badly, probably never even realizing how unbelievable it all is. “fellow hu-man” . . . . priceless, just priceless.]