Scandal required

I need to get exiled to acquire myself a feline companion, but by some inexplicable reason i can’t draw a single scandal increasing card for almost 2 days now.

Does somebody, anybody, need help with their scandal? Would greatly appreciate some cooperation.

I have been exiled myself (on purpose) and am currently trying to complete an inspired poem, it’s really racking up scandal but it seems to be giving me less and less. I’ll definitely try and help you out.

Thank you everyone for the help.

Still need some?

If anyone needs to dump scandal, please send me a dupe - of course with an accompanying message identifying it as a dupe. I’m happy to make a trip to the tomb colonies and to keep my scandal high for the Decadent Evening MW opportunity card.

[li]I am in great need of a large amount of scandal. I can hear the roar of tomb-lions in my sleep, calling out to me. My persuasive is capped out currently, so trying to fail said challenges is incredibly difficult. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Some scandal has been sent.

Ah, so scandal is what you need? My associate can help indeed. Haha! Sometimes I impress even myself with my rhymes

[li]Fellow Londoners, I thank you for all the scandal you have sent me. I should have more than enough to visit the tomb-colonies twice, after I breed my lion in to something a little more dreaded. Catching all the neathy pokemon sure takes you places.

[li]Well, I thank you for the advice. Fortunately I was able hoard enough of these over time for this not to be an issue. Right now, I am enjoying the managerie of creatures I have obtained. Now the only thing left is finishing my theory on condensing their physical form into energy so that they can be stored in transportation capsules. Maybe I will teach them to manipulate the neathy elements in the mean time.