Save file screw-up during docking

So I was just about to try docking at Hideaway when my computer froze up (for reasons unrelated to the game). I waited a few minutes and then my computer said that Windows had stopped responding and was shutting down, so I turned off my computer and rebooted. When I started the game back up, the loading screens were all normal but the game itself just showed an almost-blank screen, with only a quarter of the screen showing a featureless seascape.

My thought is, the game encountered some kind of error in whatever the program language version of a docking sequence is. Has anyone ever had a similar problem and/or would they know where to find the docking location in the save file? I was thinking that if I could just change whatever that script is to something the game ecognizes, it would put me back at the port without me having to restart the entire game. :(

Outright changing your location in the game world is very tricky. You might, however, be able to just copy all your qualities onto a new save file. (You would probably lose some things like your current ship though, so would need to add in money to re-buy it.)