Sapphire Bloom advancement?

I’ve played through about three captains on Zubmariner now and I can’t figure out if the scintillack the Fair King has you plant in Dahut ever does anything. Wrack’s storyline is my favorite in the game but I can’t seem to get past this part of it. Am I missing anything?

Achievements are currently disabled, while they are fixing a bug.

Is there a list of Zubmariner-specific achievements?

I have the same question, but it’s not about actual achievements. I have a quality that’s “Sapphire Blooms” and says something may grow in Dahut, but I haven’t seen anything of it.

Yes, what I was asking about isn’t an achievement, it’s a story quality you get from doing the Fair King’s storyline.

There are no Zubmariner-specific achievements, at least right now.