Salt's Song and Raising Anarchists to Prominence

Has anyone managed to acquire/accomplish either?

[spoiler] Anarchist can get to 10, but there are more than one faction of them, so I don’t know. I did enjoy sailing back to London after Anarchist got that high, though.
Sailing east is kind of possible? But it’s not the ‘sail off the map’ option, and so doesn’t involve salt’s song. [li]

[spoiler]Salt’s Song is unavailable.

There’s only one way to raise Anarchist Supremacy (not counting the abovementioned Empire of Hands related thing, which technically doesn’t count! You need to hit Anarchist 7, not 10, but you can only get it as far as 3 by selling the Memento Mori and I don’t think you can make another one). The EoH Anarchist raising thing is part of another legacy entirely, can’t get the Boke of Sharpes that way.[/spoiler]

Even if you left a memento mori to yourself, I don’t think you can sell it twice over. [li]

Why not? Somebody test it out; I’m all agog.

What if you raise the tigers to prominence in Port Carnelian?

You probably could sell a second Memento Mori, but you’d still be a point short of Supremacy 7.

The tigers in Port Carnelian don’t have any relation to Anarchist supremacy.

Do it for the-- well. There’ll still be one point left of anarchist to raise, though. The last time I tried that with the tigers, I don’t think anarchist was raised, but it needs rechecking. (like that^^ says)[li][/li][li]
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Well, I’m defiprobably going to throw my lot in with the tigers there, out of the available options, because **** colonialism, so if my spies will stop demanding things that I don’t have, I will check that out.

Yes I KNOW Port Carnelian was so satisfying for that. Actually, the recent tropical (or tropical music signaled) islands - Aestival, Carnelian, Empire of Hands - they all felt pretty colonial-settler ish (maybe because I’m only familiar with stories about places like them through a colonial lens??) But I laughed a lot at the adventuress’s archaeology and her stick disc puzzle -before moving to that part, I actually thought failbetter might have transcended the gazette format to put a click and drag puzzle right there.[li][/li][li]
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Speaking of colonialism, anyone notice the new locked out option of setting up a colony on Aestival?

Yeah, looks like we may know one possible place to set up your pirate kingdom. I wonder about the places where there are towns on the shore, some named Port _____ but with no place to dock. More future ports/settlement options or just pretty ways to fill space?

What places are these, Shivah?

Port Addley, near Andromeda’s rocks on the Southern Coast is one place without a port, though it looks like a ruin instead of a town

Oh, yeah, no, the Crying Heights seem to be unfinished – IIRC the rocks around there don’t even reduce Terror if you sail next to them, and in this case there’s no way it can be explained away with consistent in-universe justifications.

The easiest way to obtain Supremancy: Anarchists 10 is:

[spoiler] Complete the Zeppelin for the Empire of Hands and deliver the Monkey-King’s wrath to London
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Nameless: but does that actually acquire the Boke of Sharps?

Nope! Also, it kills london.


Not at all! Stealing the zeppelin lets my son start with something… interesting. =)