Salt's Curse

[li]Short and simple how do I get rid of it?
I read some where that at Whither this should be possible but all I can get is Salt’s attention (did that 4 times) on all other Islands I always go ashore and investigate but I have never seen the option to remove Salt’s curse only a prayer to Salt which does not remove the curse.

My understanding is, a god’s attention (obtainable in the House of the Question in Whither, and occasionally elsewhere) serves as a one-time protection from the respective curse’s penalty.

At some point, having Salt’s curse will randomly trigger a harmful event (if I remember correctly, Salt would claim your sweetheart in Lonodon). Then, if you happen to have Salt’s attention active at the time, the curse and the blessing will &quotcancel out&quot.

I don’t think this particular sequence of events has ever happened to me, so this is, essentially, a speculation. But are you quite sure that after having obtained Salt’s attention you still have the curse? The quality should be in your journal.

[li]I had both in my Journal, actually i have both of them again at this moment. The curse also triggers when I reject a sailor but that doesn’t consume it.

I have no idea how it works, the first thing I do every playthrough is sail to Whither and go take a crap on the altar of the gods

feels good man
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[li]Salt’s blessing I find very useful hence I took it several times I also allow sailors to set up shrines. At occasions you can pray to Salt which gives you a nice stat boost.

That’s very true, since cliff prayers can be used to boost stats over 100, which can be challenging once you have reached the stat cap with officers.

That’s the point (at least the way I see it). The curse will still apply; it’s the curse’s negative effect that is countered by Salt’s attention. The effect resolves separately, not immediately upon rejecting a sailor.

So basically I’m screwed each time I reject a sailor I get terror doesn’t matter if I have Salt’s attention (just happened with Salt’s attention). I have to wait for a plot development to get rid of it :(

I think there’s an option at mt. palmerston and other places that is unlocked with salt’s attention. It might clear your curse?

All ports (the ones mentioned by the Admiral) except for Godfall, Polythreme and the Khanate are on my trading route so I passed them dozens of times but nothing. I think I have had this curse for about last 40 hours of playing. Or is it the randomizer again? Record so far is losing 8 times on a row with a 50% chance :P
Edit: I usually have Salt’s attention active while doing the rounds.
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I think probably the point of a curse is that …well, it’s a curse. You should think carefully before spitting on the altars of gods :p (But I’m sure I’ve seen something mentioning curse removal somewhere, I’ll keep an eye out)

You an also gain Salt’s curse by misclicking while dealing with a panicky zailor at zee. That’s how mine gained it. Between that and the chance to gain a Kitten, I’m almost tempted to retire him, but it’d be hard giving up that dreadnaught…

Ouch, that’s unlucky :(

You can remove Salt’s Curse at the House of the Question in Whither. It also gives you pages.

I did see the option to remove Salt’s Curse at the House of the Question before the all option showing bug was squashed. I can’t remember what you needed to lift it though but there was some item or other, so I suppose that if you don’t have everything needed to lift it the option will not show.

You need a Zee-story.

[li]I have 11 Zee-stories, tales of a distant shore and tales of terror (I keep this number always above 10). Also 8 secrets and over 7000 echoes. I will try by taking several items from the shop in fallen London and see if that does something.

I don’t think God x’s attention does anything for preventing curses. I think I had the storm’s curse (the one where one of your crew goes mad and you have to choose between killing here, capturing her or talking her down. Killing or capturing her removes Storm’s attention. But Storm’s attention has no apparent effect on the way you handle that problem.

Rather, it seems that the only thing God x’s attention affects is whether or not you can pray during one of the vista events. I.e.: praying to the god in question to get +3 in two stats.
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Lifting a Curse and Gaining the God’s Attention were definitely different options. I don’t know if it is possible to lift a curse yet but it did show as an option during a bug a few weeks ago.