Salt's Curse Bugged

So I recently got an unavoidable, incurable Salt’s Curse from having a full complement of 7 crew (some people say you shouldn’t carry a full complement, but I find that at lower levels it’s best to do so or risk getting crippled or completely wiped out by random events). Headed back to port and got the notification that my family had disappeared and my Scion been lost.[li]

You do INDEED lose the Scion quality, but your family remains…both your partner and the child. You can still rest with them and play with them and so forth. Because of this, you cannot go through the steps to regain another Scion either (carousing in Wolfstack Docks, etc.).

This seems like an oversight to me if not a bug…the family quality should be REMOVED, fully, when Salt’s Curse activates, and you should have the opportunity to acquire another Scion. It seems a bit harsh to completely and irrevocably lose the inability to have a Scion for your playthrough just because your ship was fully manned…no choices involved…and I doubt it’s what the developers intended. Or, if it is, the family should just in fact be gone, not in a weird in-between ‘gone-but-still-here’ sort of limbo.

Hoping this gets fixed in Magellan.

Yeah. I got this too. Kinda sucks. But. Just made me chase a couple of legacy items instead. I don’t remember if I reported it, but you should just in case.

I’ve been sending an ongoing list of typographical errors and such for correction to their listed email address for bugs, but I’m not really sure if anyone’s reading it XD

Maybe I’ll include this.

Best bet for ensuring it gets fixed is to submit a bug report to! The devs can’t read every single forum thread, but they do read every properly submitted bug report.
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Yup. They’re at gdc this week, but generally excellent about fixing bug reports and even replying when it’s done. Times vary but anything from an hour or two to a day or five.

Yeah, I just happened upon a Salt’s curse in my current game with a Scion Legacy (that sounds like a car to me . . . &quotThe BRAND NEW Scion Legacy!&quot), a wife (wait, do you ever actually get married?) and a child.

Since I had lost a sweetheart in a previous game, I now try to rid myself of Salt’s Curse before I ever get back to London (since I’m pretty sure that &quotpulls the trigger&quot on the curse), and so headed to Whither and found ANOTHER bug related to it - You can remove Salt’s Curse without requiring Salt’s Attention.

Did THAT because it was convenient and saved me a secret, but then sent off a bug report.

&quotAlways be sending bug reports&quot has become my motto with SS. I hope everyone else is doing this too.

In this case, I simply didn’t have the 7 secrets required to remove it.

Relatedly while doing the Exaltation storyline…

Upon sacrificing my family at Kingeater Castle after speaking the Name-Which-Burns, I got a notification that I was having a kid. Despite not having a lover anymore. I think the quality for ‘you’re going to have a kid’ is being checked weird/not getting cleared properly.

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This is NOT a bug. This is how Salt’s Curse is designed to behave. The notification you get when you lose your Scion explicitly states that your family is still safe. For now. Your line of heirs is gone, but you can still spend time with your lover and child, for free terror reduction and flavour. At least, until you anger Salt again.

Well,okay, the Exaltation thing is a bug.

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well, it shouldn’t preclude you from having another kid, who could also become a Scion. I’d be ok with that. But entirely removing the possibility of having a scion just because the one kid isn’t interested seems harsh.


The bug comes from the kid being related to the locket, not the love, more or less. So., yeah, if you time it right, you can lose your love, but still get the kid. Extreme edge case, but still possible

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