Salt's Attention - can someone please update wiki?

I’ve roamed around with Salt’s Attention for too long, and just how Storm’s Attention will create random event: That Old Fury, Salt’s Attention also create a Random Event. I’m not sure how it’s called. It makes you start crying a lot. I chose one of the options given (no stat challenges), and I just cried some more, and nothing happened but my &quotSalt’s: Attention&quot was back to 0.

No one ever had event happen to them? Perhaps it’s a new thing. I didnt find it listed in the wiki like we can find &quotThat Old fury&quot, under storm’s attention.
edited by Nephandus on 10/21/2016

The event you’re referring to is on the wiki; it’s called Tears. Controlling yourself loses Salt’s Attention while giving in does not. That Old Fury is mentioned on Storm’s Attention specifically because it’s guaranteed bad, while the equivalent event for Stone called Home is not.