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Looking back through the last several pages and searching didn’t turn up any threads specifically on salons or bringing this up, so:

I just turned up an option on the Tower of Eyes card to invite the Captivating Princess as a guest of honor to my salon, which is the first time I’ve seen that. Requires 1 Fate, a whopping Engaged in a Scheme: a Salon 20, and of course the acquaintance of Her Highness.

So, something to grind Scheme for, those of you so inclined.

Delightful, and not at all shocking! And I’m sure she wouldn’t at all be able to reveal what goes on behind the green door on Burly Street.

More interestingly, who the heck is Silas the Showman, and how does one make his aquaintance?

I actually have Saloon 22 or so already. But I seriously don’t want to loose all of it just for a one time boost in Making Waves. A boost that would be utterly useless for me right now xD.

When it’s time to get Notoriety 5, then I might do it.

Perhaps inviting the Princess will help make Silas’s acquaintance? I certainly haven’t seen him anywhere else.

I can’t prove this, but I suspect that the content that would let you make Silas’s acquaintance has not yet been written.

If I remember correctly, there was a Mr. Sacks that wasn’t. Rather, he was an desperate actor from Mahogany Hall, out and about looking for easy money. I believe Silas was in fact his name.

If you do invite a guest, do you lose all your Salon quality? Mine’s fairly high and I don’t want to lose it. Or do you just lose a little of it?

Yeah, he introduced himself as &quotSilas the Shnowman&quot. At the time I thought him to be a pun on Sean Connery’s accent, now it seems more a pun on snowman/showman. Or possibly both ^^

I only have my Salon to 13 at the moment but I intend to invite her as soon as I can.

There’s similar content for the Orphanage, where you pay 20 fate and 15 Scheme to get a very high-level orphan-pet. Check out my equipped items if interested.

I don’t think you’ll get to marry her or anything though, but I’m curious what I might have permanently locked myself out of.

Salon 20 is… a whole lot of Salon. Not sure I would ever get that high. But I wonder what it does? Could it be another pet? But then it’s strange this costs a lot less Fate than the orphanage action.

Despite fulfilling all the requirements said here, this option never seems to show up on my card. I wonder what I’m missing. Or if I’ve never been at the right “airs”.

I dearly hope I wouldn’t loose all of my Salon quality if I eventually do try it though…

It’s an airs thing. And there isn’t a super-special item to be had, but there is a nice scene that shows off her personality.

Also, I think I went from Salon 26 to Salon 22 (though that’s from memory) and went from Making Waves 0-2 to Making Waves 62.

That is an obscene amount of Waves. What could you even use them on?

Getting obscenely Notable, I guess)
Did you record that scene?

You only need about 25 MW to have a good crack at success even at Notability 3, and it’s all used up at once. So you’d get… One point. Possibly the most hard-earned point of Notability ever, but just one point.

Well, it’d make it easy to go from Notability 4-5 at least. Whenever that bit of content is released.
I was hoovering at Notability 4 for a while before I tired of keeping it up. And at MW 13 I only had 75% to get Notability 4. Getting Notability 5 will no doubt require a lot more. (But 65? Oh my, probably not that much!)

I have just recently started to pay attention to Making Waves/Notability. What benefits are there to being Notable? I have never made it past 1 (which then quickly disappears, which is frustrating and part of why I haven’t been super motivated to increase it)

Also, I am an Author, in case anyone wants to invite me to their Salon!
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You can get a new profession if you get Notability to 2. It can also be used to get Surprise Packages and increase stats, but they’re… not really worth it.