Sailing south with Lampad Cutter + WE ARE CLAY

Wouldn’t this allow you to sail back to London at normal speed? Lampad only has 5 max crew,
and We Are Clay would reduce that to 2 max crew. Getting reduced to 1 crew after sailing south past Adam’s Way would still be 50% of your crew, and allow you to sail home at speed 2. Is that correct?

You’d also be able to repair your meager hull pretty easily, since cutter’s max hull is only 50. You’d just need three rats and then you could repair the rest with supplies.

I can’t believe someone found a use for the cutter.

Good job.

It’s aslo worth noting that for scars of the north if you have full crew and WE ARE CLAY in your inventory but not equiped you can equip WE ARE CLAY to get full speed back on any ship.