Sailing Off the Charts

The Iron Republic? Acceptable for a picnic outing, one supposes.

Port Carnelian? If you enjoy governing provincial peasantry.

Mutton Island? Be serious.

The zee borders greater and more distant lands. Another day of sailing, and surely I could have reached them.

Onward to Glory and Madness

This was an impromptu attempt after catching a Plated Seal. I might try again with more supplies and a better strategy.
edited by TheThirdPolice on 8/28/2015

But are you sure you were zailing in the same direction the whole time?!

If you want to reach distant lands, shouldn’t you try to at least move out of from the Southern Archipelago?

The damn thing seems surrounded by land. Why would anyone want to go there?

Oh, incidentally, this adventure brought me one point short of prison. Are any generous souls who can help me reduce Suspicion?
edited by TheThirdPolice on 8/28/2015

A Fern Weasel