Sailing in Circles and Something Awaits You

I’ve often heard mention of people sailing in circles in the waters near a port when they need Something Awaits You (or in that particularly chilling story of mutiny, terror, and cannibalism which I remember reading somewhere), and I have done this on occasion myself, but does going in circles actually do anything, or is Something Awaits You purely time based?[li]

SAY is in fact purely time-based, and you can mod it to your convenience to avoid zailing in circles.

As phryne said, the best thing to do is to turn off your engines and light at the port and wait to get it.

Aw crap, you mean I’ve been wasting my time for 10 months?

Good to know. Would there happen to be a tutorial on how to mod the game to reduce that time limit for SAY, particularly for Mac, and if so could it be copied or linked to here?[li]

I have never seen a real tutorial, but this thread contains a lot of information (though most of it goes right over my head, I’m afraid).

If you just want to change SAY, you can do that easily, in the file &quotnavigationconstants&quot in the folder &quotconstants&quot.*** Just edit the &quotSomethingAwaitsYouPeriod&quot to your heart’s desire. The default setting is 60 seconds, I usually use 20.

This will be overwritten everytime the game updates or downloads new stories, though. If it’s the only mod you’re using, that’s not much of a hassle. Still, here’s the bigger picture:

[ul][li]Make a new folder inside the folder called &quotaddon&quot. Name it whatever.[/li][li]Copy the folders &quotconstants&quot and &quotentities&quot into that new folder (and any others you might want to mod in, but those are the only ones I’ve ever used)
[/li][li]Any changes you now make to these copied files will immediately affect every game you start. They will not be overwritten by updates or new content, so making these edits once is enough.[/li][/ul]

[i]*** in case you have no idea what I’m talking about: the path is Windows / Users / [your username] / AppData / LocalLow / Failbetter Games / Sunless Sea. On a Windows machine, obviously. No idea about other builds.

Silly me, I only just noticed you asked for Mac info specifically. Sorry, hope someone can help you with that!
edited by phryne on 2/12/2017

On a Mac the path you want would be ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea/

Library is a hidden directory by default iirc so this is best accessed by entering that directory sequence into the Go to Folder prompt, which you can bring up with Cmd+shift+G.