Sadly Decreased Subtle

So before feeding my Noman I had Subtle 12 (maybe 13) and thought &quotWhat can it hurt to give him some Subtle?&quot only to find out that Subtle has capped out quite a bit lower. I was then at 11, but picked the wrong choice on fishing once and it dropped to 10. I’m a bit devastated that I’m no longer &quotMachiavellian.&quot Is there any way remaining, any at all, that I can use to increase it, or is my old Subtle rating a thing of the permanent past?

You can go to the Iron Republic and choose one of the Fate options at the end of the cycle. I’m not sure if there is a cap, but the choice is locked at Subtle 31 (among other things), so I imagine if there is a cap, it’s high. One thing I can confirm is that it will take you beyond the current de facto cap of 9.

There’s one other thing - a choice on one of the high level Fire Sermon cards - which I don’t believe to be capped (although it only gives you 1 CP at a time). The wiki has details.

Hope this helps!

Ah well. I’ll look up the Fire Sermon card, but I try not to use Fate to do things as silly as increase quirks. It’s a shame that I seem to have semi-perma-lost my most favored personality trait, but such is unlife in the neath.

And after having reviewed the card, it seems the only way to get my Subtle back to 12-13 is by spending Fate in the Iron Republic. Very disappointing. Ah well.