Sacksmas Card Thank-Yous

I want to take an opportunity to thank all the kind people who have sent me Sacksmas cards so far. I regret not being able to reciprocate them, as I am in a card-trading group and don’t have any extras to send! But even if I were not, I would not have gotten enough cards to send to all who have given them to me. So, if I haven’t responded to your card, it’s not that I’m churlish (or anyway, not just that I’m churlish), but simply that I am overwhelmed! I’m very happy to receive them, though.

– Mal

I have done all that I can to reciprocate to those who have sent me cards. My only extravagance has been sending a card to a certain special Master for Ratmas.

I’d also like to offer a thank you for all the cards I’ve received. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reciprocate them all, but I’ll try my best to do so.

I would also like to take the chance thank everyone who has kindly sent me cards. It is the only downside to the inconceivably excellent Team Isa, that I can’t reciprocate as I would like. Thank-you and Merry Sacksmas to you all!

I too want to thank everyone who’s sent me cards! I’m also in an exchange group and can’t reciprocate directly, but my alt is doing his best to make up the shortfall. Hopefully I can make sure everyone gets something. Merry Sackmas to one and all!

I like to thank everyone as well! I can’t keep track of all the cards I got but I will try my best to reply.

Additional thanks to my patrons who sent me 7 cards on alts as well.

I want to thank all the kind people who sent me Christmas cards too! It means so much to me, and I’m just terribly sorry that I can’t send back cards to everyone!

Similarly, I am in a card-exchange group and cannot send cards to all those who have delighted me with their Christmas wishes. I’d like to thank those people, and I’ll try to reciprocate in other ways.

I have had some lovely cards - thank you to those who have sent them. I have sent cards to people I know are trying to boost stats (including some who have posted on this thread), so please, as I’m stat-maxed, don’t feel that you have to respond in kind - I’d be happy if you ‘paid it forward’ to another ‘stat-seeker’.
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Same here; thank you to everybody who sent all three of my characters cards! I tried my best to reciprocate, so hopefully I haven’t missed anybody, but my apologies if I have…

My thanks to the dear friends who have sent cards - I too am in a sending group, so I hope to reciprocate closer to the end of the season.