Russian language in Sunless Skies

I really hope that you will add Russian language in Sunless Skies

Failbetter’s mentioned their views on translations a few times; they don’t have enough staff to do the job properly, and they aren’t going to allow the precious words be translated half-heartedly.

You’re probably out of luck, unfortunately.

On the other hand, most delicious Skilalex, Sunless Sea was unofficially translated by a group of volunteers on ZoG. And I must say, that was not a poor translation after all (although without any doubt original English version is WAY better and deeper). I even tried to participate, but learning all the data in advance was simply too high price for the good deed for the day. So had to opt out. (still did my part in Banner Saga)

So you may get lucky enough and get Russian language after 6-12 months. But still - better practice your English. Fallen London gives a HUGE boost to vocabulary :)
edited by SirKwint on 7/21/2017