[color=#009900]All of you creators signed up to announcements should get a detailed mail shortly about the new features, but the big ones are[/color]
[color=#009900]- linked storylets[/color]
[color=#009900]- avatars[/color]
[color=#009900]…both explained in this blog post.[/color]

I LOVE the reorganization of the qualities area and the action cost on the “go” buttons. (I’m sure I’ll love linked storylets when I start messing with them too. :) )

Awesome stuff. I just raced to get the avatar thing working – will be especially awesome when we can load our own images. Thanks!

I saw this and thought it read “Runaway Five”. Silly Earthbound >.>

Favorite thing so far: Branch ordering. Has that always been there? I remember reading a forum post where there was a complicated workaround to get an important branch to the top…or did I dream it?

And the branches actually rearrange in the editor too!

Also in a grindy storlylet…linking the grind branches back to the same storylet and then providing a 0 cost branch to exit the card AWESOME.

Linked Storylets. Linked Storylets!

This is the sound of my narrative obligingly untangling itself. g

I’m also looking forward to avatars immensely - when we can upload our own images.

Thank you so much!