Rubbery Scholar and The University

Is it possible to get banned from the University but still be able to do the Rubbery Scholar option from your lodgings ? I’m under the impression that you need exactly &quot30&quot for the University quality in order to proceed with the R.S option, but accusing the innocent gives &quot40&quot if I remember correctly.

(Am I being coherent? I feel like I’m not making any sense ;0; )
edited by Agatha Kizmesis on 12/1/2015

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by Rubbery Scholar, but if you’re talking about Solving Cases around London then you can proceed with that regardless of what ending you choose for the University.

Oh yes, that! Sorry for the unclearness, it’s pretty late and I’m sort of a mess right now. Thank you! ☆

It’s quite alright - it’s easy enough to make mistakes even when one is at their best. Glad I could help. :)