Rubbery Men and Nacreous Sorts: Origins

I am really fond of our sweet rubbery brothers. I’ve noticed there are no female rubberies / Nacreous People, that I know of. It is a mystery. Or have I missed something?

I suppose they are mothered by The flukes (the image of which resembles a map of Tasmania) and fathered by ??

The card in which you trade in your Warm Amber leaves you with the impression that the Rubbery you are dealing with is female. Not conclusive proof that they are female, but it’s hinted at.

And Rubbery beings can copulate, so they most likely do reproduce sexually. Although that could mean hermaphrodites or a nonbinary sex system.

They also have the ability to shape their form to an extent, so what is true for one Rubbery may not be true for another.

In any case, I believe your speculation about their immediate ancestry is correct, and I don’t think a second species was involved as far as we know.

True. You think of it as a &quotshe&quot. They are mysterious and lemony, and it’s rude to ask them to show their nacreous nethers (as though it’d make a difference), so who knows?
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Perhaps Flute Street is a sort of shoal. And the amber is the jelly in which the eggs and/or spermataphores are contained, which is implanted on the head of a female (explains the ubiquitous tophats)

They do seem squid-like, and from what I’ve learned about the reproductive processes of squid, I’ve not learned much of anything. Even the experts are confused…

&quotNo wonder scientists are puzzled as to how squid eggs get fertilized!&quot
&quotMost of what we know about Humboldt squid reproduction is educated guesswork.&quot
&quotI think it’s pretty bizarre behavior.&quot Mark D. Norman, Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria, Australia (via the New York Times dot com).

They just befuddle me in a pleasant way.

I don’t think Rubbery Men really can be compared to let alone understand human concepts of gender and such, being a weird race of alien squids.
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edited by Tyrone on 2/15/2016

If only we could ask the Nacreous Outcast about what’s it like to be a rubbery man. The things we could learn!

There is also an encounter with the Acclaimed Beauty that has an implication of femininity.