Romancing... the Khanate?

So on all four of my last runs, I’ve never shown any interest in the Khanate except as a source for Mirrorcatch Boxes, Vital Information, and cool music. However the cool music got me thinking; how would I go about running a character whose main affiliation was with the Khanate? I know they have a Supremacy, since it’s possible to sell them the Memento Mori, but obtaining Leopold’s Favour is ridiculously expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with the Khanate and their plot, and how I might go about running a character who wished to see the Khanate restored as the, ahem, rightful rulers of the Unterzee?

If I wanted to help the Khanate, I would consider grabbing some spies and heading to Port Carnelian.

Yah, besides the spycraft at Port Carnelian there really does not seem to be much you can do to change the fortunes of the Khanate. I for one would like a modified version of one of their ships and it would be grand if it could come with access to a shipyard for repairs in the Khanate so far from London.

I’ll agree, being able to pick up a Khanate War Trimaran or something cool like that would go a long way towards making them feel more like a significant other faction. I’d seen the Port Carnelian option on one of my earlier playthroughs, but since that character hated the Khanate (and I had a soft spot for tigers) I turned away from that. Still a little disappointing that they don’t really have as much depth as London when they’re meant to be a ‘rival on the Unterzee’. Maybe another update.

It is always odd for me that you can do so much for the Khanate but you won’t actually have a good reason to do so.

Not that I disagree, because I kept expecting Khan’s Shadow (if not the Glory) to get a storyline where you end up helping some faction take over, thanks to my experiences with Varchas/Carnelian/Pigmote and so on, and it ended up only on the periphery of our dear monocular dilettante’s quest, but on reflection I feel the Anarchists probably have the same amount of text, only spread out over more locations.
There was a jarring bit of text where you help someone in Khan’s Heart, where [spoiler] they mention you not looking like a Khaganian, which broke my immersion since I had that character defaulting to my looks, so I guess we’re really not meant to identify with them.


I often find myself visiting Lorkins Port and trading in Scintillack I get from the Principles of Coral quest for Drowning-Pearls, then exchange those as needed for Taimen’s Mercy and that for Leopards’s Condescension. Probably not very efficient, but since Drowning-Pearls don’t take up hold space it’s a relatively convenient way to reduce suspicion and such on demand.

I agree entirely fortluna, the whole “you don’t look Khaganian” line is sadly immersion breaking, I’m roleplaying my latest captain as a former blue heaven priest who is currently a tomb colonist (who would obviously hold no great love for the fifth city). It turns out there are exactly two ways (reliably) to increase Supremacy: The Khanate. There aren’t any tangible rewards but there’s some interesting writing that you unlock for sure.

If you surrendered Pigmote isle to the drownies, you can cheaply acquire drowning pearls in large quantities. I coincidentally had pigmote fairly close to the Khanate on that captain, so I could keep both my Leopard’s Condescension and Taimen’s Mercy fairly high.
The Khanate market isn’t particularly useful, but it’s a good start or end point for various trade routes, and a good way to get rid of Blue Prophet/Milliner Bat feathers.