Romance in Sunless Sea

What I regret about the romance options in Sunless Sea are that they barely feel like a choice. The requirements are high when you consider the prospect of meeting them any way except by virtue of your stats’ differences upon beginning the game. (Not complaining; seduction shouldn’t be easy, but it should feel more relevant.)

Least believable at all is if, as I aspire to do at least once, I zail until my captain, now an experienced carpenter of strange and magnificent treasures, has straight 200s, they will never be able to get laid at zee again. That is, the only crew member who will sleep with them is the one they wouldn’t sleep with.

She’s about a Kinsey 2, and more importantly monogamous, but so what? Maybe’s Daughter thinks she’s too sincere? She’s the world’s foremost spy. Nobody has ever mutinied against her, but if they wanted to she would know. She would know, and nobody would ever knew that their death was planned. She couldn’t reveal all of herself if she tried. The Longshanks Gunner thinks she’s too sneaky? She is an unrivaled soldier - even Mt Nomad fears her hand. She has defeated devils, brigands and smaller eldritch horrors with her bare hands. Not smart enough to date that bizarre insomniac? She is the wisest sage of the Neath.

I’ll say this for your sweetheart in London: they are the only character that you can see romantically simply on the condition that you come home alive. And they kick everybody else’s behind at terror reduction.
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 8/8/2015
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 8/8/2015