Romance at court (possible spoilers?)

My understanding (without referencing the wiki) was that after I’d concluded my romance with the Acclaimed Beauty, I would go to the tomb-colonies before returning to carve my reputation at court. This didn’t happen-- instead, I received one Memento of Passion and the storyline has ended. Now, I’m not upset to find that I don’t need to trade further favors to return to court, but I’m a little confused. Was the hedonistic choice to concluding the romance what would have gotten me exiled? And would I have gotten me Memento from that option as well?

I got kicked out to the tomb-colonies what I had a tryst with both, and I believe I got more than just the one memento of passion

EDIT: Added “to the tomb-colonies” to make the sentence mean what I meant when I wrote it. I still haven’t been banished from the Court, mostly cuz I’m not trying atm.
edited by Myke Harryson on 5/7/2012

Said tryst sends you to the Tomb-Colonies immediately, but it doesn’t get you permanently banished. None of the romance options in Court are required to start the “Carving out a reputation at Court” content, but you need Persuasive 97.

Damn, perhaps I should have gone after both after all. Ah well, it wasn’t what my character would have done, so I’ll just be glad I got something, and concentrate on my next big work.

yes, the hedonistic option sends you to the tomb colonies. The threesome sends you straight to the tomb colonies as well, in an epic fashion