ROLEPLAY build coming soon (w/c 4th June)

[color=#cc0099]Brave skyfarers, a new build is coming your way next week. This one will feature all sorts of improvements to areas of the game that invoke the feeling of roleplay. Expect:

  • Updates to Character Creation[/li][li]New officers and several officer storylines[/li][li]Mascots, including the Obviously Delicious Rabbit[/li][li]New Origins and Deeds[/li][li]New weapons and equipment for player locomotives

We’ll also be changing up our FBG Podcast this time, and will be joining FuzzyFreaks as she streams the new build on Friday 8th June![/color]
edited by Absintheuse on 5/30/2018
edited by Absintheuse on 5/30/2018

Indeed! :)

impatient keyboard tapping and f5’ing

Waiting, especially for this update, is so hard.