Roadmap for Early 2023

I assume that was referring to the “Details are still TBD” part, not the straightforwardly-explained part.

Three outfits is a decent amount already…you don’t really need more than that. Just figure out what your favorite items are, or switch them out as needed.

FBG seems to mainly concentrate on selling more fate to people who already buy and use it. Trying to get more of the vast player base interested in buying fate would seem like a more lucrative strategy.

I’ve only been tempted to buy fate a few times over the 12ish years I’ve been playing.

The Mushroom’s Dream is a good example of how to get frugal players like me to finally cough up money for fate.

• The promise of a unique and useful final reward enticed me into buying. Even if the story left me disappointed, which they often do, I would still come out ahead. I couldn’t lose.

• While the story itself was just filler, the mechanics were fun. Instead of what has become the standard FL mindless grind, there was actual gameplay involved. For the first time in many neathy years, it felt like I was playing a game. The rewards were also good enough that it didn’t feel like a waste of actions.

Unique rewards and real mini-games would give me a reason to buy fate again. Otherwise, I probably won’t.

As an endgame player who’s mostly run out of new content, I have been looking at old fate stories. This seems like an ideal time for players like me to catch up, but most of these stories feel obsolete now. Unless the rewards could at least be made to scale to my level, it seems like they’d all be a waste of time and money. It’s a shame that such a large pool of content is going to waste, but I don’t feel like there’s any benefit for me to experience any of it.

We’re drowning in lore these days. Nothing is mysterious anymore. Everyone we meet on the street seems to know all the secrets of the universe. So a story idea alone isn’t enough to hook me into buying fate for more. I’m here to be a player, not just a reader, and I’ve got plenty to read already.


I have to say that over the last few years I’ve found the day-to-day gameplay of FL to have improved no end, I’ve loved things like the railway, the ambitions getting finished, the new summer events and such. FL seems to have so much more going on than when I started. But on the other hand, my enjoyment of Exceptional Stories has plummeted. I can’t really remember the last one that I found entertaining. To me they now feel like a chore I have to get through, rather than a treat I’m happy to pay for.

I think I’m at the stage where I would appreciate a price point that got me the second candle, but skipped the Exceptional Stories. I feel sad to say this, but it’s the truth. I’m really tired of the ESs, and I don’t think I want to play them any more.


There are areas late in the game where you’re stuck with whatever outfit you’re wearing. Moulin expeditions come to mind, or Khan’s Heart. Or places like the lab, where some cards require high Glasswork.

Working out the most advantageous combination of the rarer qualities plus the usual ones actually takes time and thought. There’s an early-ish game area where you need to get rid of, say, all your Dreaded, Bizarre and Respectable for a particular result, and that equally takes some working out.

Short of actually taking RL notes, it’s easier to assign a clothing slot to those places. It’s what I use my two extras for.


Maybe you don’t, but you shouldn’t presume to speak for the rest of us. I myself do not particularly enjoy having to shuffle each item slot individually whenever I’m faced with a particular advanced skill challenge.


The game is undergoing maintenance now.

Fallen London is undergoing scheduled maintenance

We’re making some changes. Fallen London should be back by 15.00 GMT.

Thank you for your patience, delicious friends. All shall be well.

My suggestions:

  1. Free fate for active participation and/or accounts that are old enough and hit their ‘birthdays’.

  2. Allow players to complete more than one ambitions, vanity achievement for those who complete all available ambitions. In fact, I believe there is still room for a couple more unique ambitions… this require planning and the wizardry of the writers.

If you wish to restrict the equipable Ambition rewards i.e. if you equip this you cannot equip the other, similar to each profession’s Tools of the Trade. Or have a card challenge which allows you to swap one ambition’s items for another’s.

  1. Late-game veteran players need some sort of persistent ‘PVP’ (not seasonal or time-restricted) to keep themselves entertained. There’s so much from the lore that can be utilized. How about some global factional war? Don’t forget the minor factions e.g. the Drownies, the Rats, the Clay Men.

1.Totally agree.

2.An exposition of experimental stories/behind-the-scenes, in the style of Ambition:Enigma (or maybe continuing it), would make a lot of sense for the House of Chimes after fullfiling your ambition. Related, a polling system in the style of Runescape in the House of Chimes.

  1. Bring back Knife-and-Candle! Or at least an alternative to chess and sparring bouts, pretty unfair that only persuasive and shadowy matters have real social actions besides “help me with menaces pls”
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Chess and sparring bouts? They were done away with some time ago, surely.

That’s already the case, isn’t it? All main Ambition rewards go into the Treasure slot and therefore can’t be used at the same time.

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Not more than a few years ago. I understand that multi-stage social actions were no end of headache for the support team, so any future version of knife-and-candle would have to be no more complex than the Tournament of Lilies, in terms of the tracking qualities.

Knife and Candle went away not long after I started playing; I have only the vaguest memories of it. I somehow got enough prize tokens to buy a Knife of Lost Sky, with 12 Prize Tokens still sitting in my inventory. Perhaps one day the Waxwail Knife will come back…

I think they all have at least a few significant items other than the treasure, but most of those can be replicated by items from festivals, so having multiple sets probably wouldn’t be too overpowered

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I’ve still got an invitation to play chess in my message box. I’ve long wondered what would happen if I replied to it, but I haven’t so far, because I quite like seeing that reminder of different times in Fallen London.

Knife and Candle had gone away long before my time, and might well not have been my kind of thing anyway.
@ plynkes
Isn’t there a “call of your chess game” storylet to get rid of such leftovers?

Not sure, but I haven’t seen one anywhere. I assume that is to call off a game in progress that can no longer be finished. This is one that never got started.

I think in addition to the headaches of multi-stage social actions, PVP in a game where real money can get you bonuses quickly becomes pay-to-win. And if there’s any way to use alts to get an advantage, then that adds another thing FBG has to police.

The core of this game just isn’t that well suited to PVP. A lot of stuff that goes from “you can do that, you do you” to “no, doing this will ruin other people’s enjoyment because you’re fighting them.”


It has arrived! A pleasant enough place, I’d say – at least for those with nowhere better to be.