RNG Commiseration

Just failed &quotBecome a Crooked-Cross&quot for the 9th consecutive time.

(5 Unsigned Messages - first one only got one attempt when I hit ‘Perhaps Not’ to try to double down on second chances.)

Average 30% likelihood of success, so sadly that puts me in the bottom 4% of outcomes.

This thread available for anyone else who’d like to pout and receive a reassuring &quotthere, there&quot as salve for their own RNG bruises.

There, there! It’ll all come out in the wash, and sundry other platitudes.

I’ll start.

There, there, Puutuulion.

EDIT: Drat, beaten for half a minute. For all it’s worth, the same thing has happened to me with the misuse of a second chance in Unsigned Message—the first and only time I’ve tried that trick in an opportunity card.
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There there, Your Grace.[li]
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