Ridiculously new.

[li]iPhone app user with absolutely no contacts. Amassing a smidgen of scandal and enough nightmares to cause sleepless nights. Apart from wondering whether I’ll end up in prison or the asylum, I find myself wondering if there’s someone out there who can help me cope with either? Or both?
[li]And then there’s the question of what you’ll want in return…
[li]If you are in a similar situation now (or ever have been) I would love to hear from you.

Have a look at the Young Turks for others in a similar state - there’s a link in my signature. Note too that you can add your profile link to make it easier for others to find you in game.

Feel free to bother me Sir or Madam. I’m not a fan of nightmares and I’m not new but I can help you with yours if you’re on the edge of madness (though down here if you’re just starting out it’s worthwhile to go over the edge atleast once).
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Send me nightmares!

Thanks to all who have commented. I have added pretty much all of you and also visited the Young Turks. Here’s hoping for much reciprocal assistance and very few newcomer-faux-pas along the way!

If you’ve got more Nightmares to dump, I can happily take some off your hands over the next few days. ^_^

Dearest sirs and madams,
I have added all of you to my contacts on this fine evening. I hope to send a calling car forthwith.