Rewards for scraps

I’ve just passed the 1800 mark on scraps, but haven’t gotten any hint of the possible &quotspecial&quot rewards for scraps. Looking at the wiki, it seems that the option only unlocks once you get the full 3200 scraps. This of course begs the question if there are greater, as of yet hidden rewards possible.

Does anyone know if there is anything else out there? What’s the maximum amount of scraps you’ve ever had at one time?

All options are visible at all times, though for that card. Unless that’s changed, there are no more options over the 3.2k mark (which is still a ton of scraps!)

Haven’t you had the four different Relickers come by? In any case, having the scraps is not enough. You also need to have the stats. 200 in one of the different main stats for each Relicker, for their 3200 scraps rewards. Maximum amount of scraps I’ve seen was about 20k, and now 24k: Behold, Fallador the Fearsome Duellist!
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it’s anyway 200 stat with equipment.

Which one of the 3200 rewards seems the most interesting for you?

All of them, obviously. :)

I’m interested in the Rumourmaster Network for starters though – it’s got a cool looking icon.

but. what are the highest tier scrap rewards actually used for???

The Prince Location is used to upgrade to a Sanctum, Breath of the Void and Veils-Velvet were used in currently retired content, and the last one hasn’t gotten a use yet.

May I ask what the breath or the veils-velvet were used for?

Winking Isle.

Thus, until you know what you want to do, 3200 Certifiable Scraps are more useful than either one of those items. Which is why I’m keeping all my scraps for now.

What do you mean? The certifiable scraps have no other use than getting the items from the relickers…

I think they mean that until you know which of the 3200 value items has a use you are better off keeping the scraps and only cashing them in when you need the thing they give.

While we are on the subject of scraps, what does recertifying mean? Have seen that option on the Capering Relicker and not sure why someone would do that.

It’s a 50-50 shot of gaining more scraps as the Relickers decide that you have more worthy junk on hand than previously tallied, or losing scraps as they declare certain bits and bobs useless by their arcane standards.

It can help get you more scraps, but since the odds and rewards conspire to result in an average of +1 scrap per certification check, it’s not great once you start getting lodgings with ways to gain 2 or more scrap per action.