Rewards Change?

I just collected my weekly pay as an Enforcer and only received one Use of Villains, totaling nine. Is this a change in the amount paid out or perhaps a cap on the item through payment? I was hoping to stockpile a few during my time as an Enforcer, but if that is not viable I may as well change vocations.


It’s likely a change in the amount paid out. Authors recently had their Nights on the Town reward reduced from 2 to 1.

That is what I thought. Well, I guess that is just how it is from now on. I may have to reconsider my occupation in light of this.

Thanks again.

It takes 34 Actions to get one Use of Villains through the War of Assassins. So as long as you actually need those Use of Villains it is still worth it. But since you only need eight for a Gang of Hoodlums, I suppose that nine might be quite enough unless you also want a Swift Zee-clipper.

Hm, prices increasing in the Backstreets, professions paying less. I wonder if it means there will be more use for these items in the future, or if FL just decided we stockpiled enough. I am itching to spend all that Blackmail Material on something.

If I remember correctly, the prices of Villains in the Side-streets were reduced, slightly.

The rewards from trade secrets have also been nerfed slightly. Instead of a searing enigma and a primeval hint, you now get a searing enigma and 5 ancient mysteries. Same value, but missing the action to convert up (though I’m not sure if that exists yet)

Midnighter pay has been similarly reduced.

[quote=A B Nile]Midnighter pay has been similarly reduced.[/quote]I’ve received my Midnighter’s Reward earlier today. I haven’t noticed any change (though, of course, it might just be my memory).
What changed for you?

Neither Midnighter nor Glassman have changed, in my personal experience…

I agree. Today I got 4x Favours in High Places, 3x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap, 50x Stolen Correspondence, as usual.

Hmmm. Perhaps you’re all correct, in which case apologies for the confusion. I can’t seem to find the message letting me know what I received - but I had thought it was reduced. If you all say I’m wrong then I most likely made a mistake!