Reviving the Nacreous Survivor

I recall when i last played a year ago, i was able to buy the nacreous survivor back from the Fathomking, after winning the game at port cecil.
From the wiki:

This time around, though, that option is not available. I checked my journal and it seems i’m missing that Learning About quality.
Did i screw something up? or is this no longer possible?

probably you must dinner with him to revive him

by the way it’s really expensive, you shouldn’t revive him, you’ll find another cook

you guys were right, it was the dining.
Which really ticks me off, it doesn’t make sense. Presumably they used the knowing about him quality in order to prevent you reviving him before you meet him, and thus having two of them.

it would have bneen more logical to use the Witnessed the End of the Principles quality.

In any case i feel cheated, so i cheated right back. I fixed it via save file editing: Steam Community :: Guide :: Save File Editing
I made the outcast reappear, dined with him, made him disappear, and then paid the cost to revive him.

Suuuuuure :abuse: