Revered Return

The Dean stands in the mess of his zub, looking out through the porthole at the depths of the zea around him.
&quotOfficer Patil!&quot

The first mate of The Peligin Oak, Elise Patil, looks up from her calculations and dinner.
&quotYes Captain Lee?&quot

The Dean beckons her over, &quotcome, look out at the benthic with me.&quot

Patil sighs, and walks over to the Dean. &quotAnything in particular you wanted to show me Captain? I’m rather busy.&quot

The Dean shakes his head. &quotNo, I just wanted to share the view with you.&quot

Officer Patil narrowly maintains her composure. &quotYes sir. Quite beautiful sir.&quot

The Dean shakes his head again. &quotNo it’s not.&quot


&quotIt’s dark, and it’s dreary.&quot

&quotIt’s… the bottom of the unterzea sir.&quot

The Dean laughs, surprising Officer Patil, &quotyes, yes, what more would one expect from our current locale. Tell you what. I think we need a change of scenery.&quot The Dean claps his hands and rubs them, &quotOfficer Patil!&quot


&quotLay in a course for London.&quot

Elise Patil doesn’t move for a moment, then grins and enthusiastically shouts a &quotYes Sir!&quot
She heads out towards navigation, but pauses at the portal, &quotAnd sir?&quot

&quotYes Elise?&quot

&quotIt’s good to have you back.&quot

The Dean is coming home!