Returning to the Labyrinth of Tigers?

Hello delicious friends,

Long story short: I first picked up Fallen London years ago, played through a lot of content, hit what was then the content boundary in my Ambition and eventually drifted away for quite a while. Returned to it last year after finally picking up Sunless Sea. A lot of changes had gone down, obviously, and I believe I may have picked a storylet option that had something to do with replaying some early-game content, seeing as I’d forgotten half of what was going on anyway. As a side effect, I got kicked out of the Labyrinth of Tigers. (I was quite a ways in—I’m pretty sure I bred a couple of monstrosities.) Drifted away again for several months, picked it back up a couple weeks ago.

I have just returned from a governor’s term in Port Carnelian, and the Dilmun Club would like me to meet a representative in the fifth coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers. Still have the route on my map, can still see the little tourist-stalls storylet at the very entrance, can’t see any storylets that would, presumably, get me back into the deeper coils. Whoops.

Anyone know how to rectify the situation? (My Dangerous is 126 without supplemental gear, so that should be no problem.)

You need to collect monsters for Mr Inch to get access to the labyrinth proper, and to do that you have to deal with Feducci.

You’ll need Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers, which requires A Procurer of Savage Beasts 5 to obtain.

Back when you were play, do you remember if the “Making Your Name” storylines were a thing yet? At some point there was a big content reorganization, and it’s possible your progression level was judged inaccurately.

Kaijyuu and Optimatum: No, no, I HAD access… five-ish years ago. I’m mostly sure that’s how I got my Hound of Heaven. I just… somehow turned the access off and now I’m stuck?

PSGarak: Sorry, no idea. I think my initial stint here was before the big reorganization, though. Judging by a couple of ancient posts I made on this forum, it was around 2013, in the days when Seeking the Name was still unsupported content. Does that help?

I’ve actually considered making a new account because I’ve forgotten so much and so much else has been rearranged, but I remember the initial grinding up of my stats to be a royal pain (and I just got to the new content boundary for my ambition! Again!), so I hate to nix it all. I’m going to poke around Watchmaker’s Hill for a bit, just in case I missed something obvious…

I have located a storylet with “Making Your Name” in it and have thereby acquired a rat infestation. (Why fending off vermin would make me a name in anything, I have no idea.) Will report back on Labyrinth status once I’ve defeated the little buggers.

Ouch, that’ll take you a while, then. After the rat storyline, there will be a fair few more throughout watchmaker and wolfstack before you can access the Labirynth.

Sheesh… teach me to click without thinking, huh? (This rat infestation feels weirdly familiar, too.) At least I don’t have to worry about failed challenges…

On the plus side, you’ll have a chance to experience some of the early-game quests, which can be pretty fun?

If you have the Hound, I would think a note to support is a good solution if you don’t want to go through the early Making your Name stories. I’m pretty sure they can put you back in the coils.

You need to progress in the A Name Scrawled in Blood Dangerous tracker:

  • 1. Exterminate a sorrow-spider infestation for the Department of Menace Eradication to unlock new stories[/li][li]2. Repel a ratty invasion of your home to unlock new stories.[/li][li]3. Advance through the fighting rings to unlock new stories[/li][li]4. Discover the mystery of the Silken Chapel to unlock new stories[/li][li]5. Duel the Black Ribbon to unlock new stories[/li][li]6. Capture beasts for Mr Inch to unlock new stories[/li][li]7. Your name is feared!

Once your A Name Scrawled in Blood is at 6, you can meet Mr Inch and start collecting creatures and thus eventually gain entry to the Labyrinth once your A Procurer of Savage Beasts reaches 5.

Well, I’m working my way through the Black Ribbon now. It’s not really taking that long to push through the quest so far, just a lot of actions. I think I’ve played versions of most of this, but on the other hand, my Dangerous has gone up to 143 since last night (!!) so… I may just roll with it. :)

Would be good if whatever I did to reset these storylines had a couple of reminders in the more advanced areas, though!
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Basically, what happened is that a couple years ago the various disparate stories for each stat got tied together under the four Making your Name qualities. Anyone with high enough stats but no Making Your Name quality is assumed to have not played since that system was introduced, and gets to choose where in the progression the game should put them. That’s what happened to you - although you had already progressed to the Labyrinth of Tigers, you chose to reset to early in the Dangerous progression.

Ah, I probably assumed there was some new early-game content. And then of course I forgot exactly what effects the reset was going to have. Whoops! Well, thank you everybody for the help.