Return to Flute Street

Hello delicious friends. I am currently attempting to breed a gang of beasts for… Various uses. Unfortunately my breeding of the Rubbery Beast from Flute Street proved unsuccessful. Since then my formula for breading has been perfected. I just need a way to return to Flute Street. I entered the usual way: Fate. It was destiny that brought me to the investigation on Flute Street. I left prematurely after discovering the beast there, and I have since been unable to return.

You can return to Flute Street in Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival. It takes 10 actions.

The route to Flute Street should be open to you in Mrs Plenty’s Carnival.

What subsection of the carnival is it in? I cannot for the life of me find it.

It’s a storylet between Buy tickets to the Carnival and Most Educational Anatomy Exhibition.

I don’t have it. Is this a bug?

Should be a gold-framed story with a picture of a Rubbery Man name “The Way to Flute Street” just under “Buy tickets to the Carnival.”

Did you by any chance choose to take the journey down again after making your first trip? If so the storylet would be in your Lodgings entitled “Are We Ready to Head Downwards?”.

Don’t have either

Would you look under the “Myself” tab and expand the “Story” category? You should have a “Veteran of Flute Street” quality under there.

Don’t have that either. It should also be noted that I left IMMEDIATELY after getting the beast.

The quality is called Visiting Flute Street, you should have that… It’s a story quality.
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Then, you’ve not paid the fate? Email FBG about it, maybe you bought it on a different account? Like a partner’s or an alt?
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It was 100% my account, I have no other alts. I no longer receive the letter on the door step that starts the quest line.

I’ve played through every branch and there weren’t any bugs (including running out of Foxfire Candle Stubs), I don’t know what could have caused this short of are you on the mobile app? That would do it.

In short, email support.
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Yeah, emailing support is the way to go here:

This mat be a bug, then. Do you have 2 Pieces of Black Coral Sculpture in your Inventory under “Curiosity?”