Return of the Disgraced Rattus Faber Chief

I may be beating a dead overgoat here, but is there any news on how to regain one’s Disgraced Rattus Faber Chief if he was lost?

I saw this just yesterday as a new Fate-locked option on an opportunity card - either “Stealth Watch Repair” or “Rat Melancholy”, I think.

If you have the Albino Rat, the opportunity card that arises (“Rat Melancholy” or some such; you know the one I’m sure) has an option. There are others, I know, but I’m not quite sure of them.

Just got it again - it’s “Rat Melancholy” and the price is 10 Fate.

Sorry to resurrect this from ages ago, but I lost my Disgraced Rattus Faber Chief in the encounter with the Big Rat. I don’t have an Albino Rat (and haven’t had any opportunity to acquire one?). I’m missing the little fellow, and wondered how to get him back (if possible)?

Rat melancholy gives you a new Chief. Its not your Chief but a identical cheif with similar properties. At least that’s what I inferred I thought the Cheifs death was to poetic to reverse.

Well, it never explicitly says who the new Chief is, but it offers several possibilities.

If you did NOT get an albino rat, the big rat will sell you a disgraced chief for a rather exorbitant price.

Actually, that’s just a normal Chief, not disgraced.

Thanks for the replies, where does the Albino Rat come from?

You have to kill the Big Rat. If you do, the Albino Rat will join you.

Ah, ok. I think I can break my truce with the big rat and redo the ending. That was my plan anyway, to do the other opportunities first. I think the Rattus Bandit Chief was cheaper through the big rat than through the Bazaar for example.

Got my disgraced rat chief back from the card that you get from having the albino rat pet.

think was fate locked