Retiring 'Reminiscing About Ambitions'

[color=#cc0099]We will be retiring ‘reminiscing about ambitions’ next week, as this feature now overlaps with journals. This is due to our ongoing work to improve the journal functionality within the game. We’ve already made some fixes that have gone in, and will be continuing to work on it in the future.[/color]

Will it return? I guess yes judging by what you said at the end but it isn’t completely clear.

Oh, huh. Okay.
It was sort of a redundant feature but admittedly it was a little useful before I had really figured out journaling. I didn’t journal a lot of the early stages of my ambition because at the time I didn’t really know how important it was for recordkeeping. Oh well! Not a lot lost, altogether.

I’m excited to see the new features though! I’m sure whatever is coming will be pretty great.

[color=#cc0099]The specific ‘reminiscing about ambitions’ feature will not return, but you will be able to save content as normal through the journal feature. Hope this clarifies it![/color]

[color=#cc0099]The specific ‘reminiscing about ambitions’ feature will not return, but you will be able to save content as normal through the journal feature. Hope this clarifies it![/color][/quote]

So you’re the one that broke all my plain-text snippet links with this ContentID nonsense?

Erm… since there was this very useful feature that recorded the ambition content without my having to do anything, I didn’t actually record it myself. I trust what is there now will remain?

That’s a shame, I actually liked everything being so nicely collected together. Journals are so disorganized, and content like ambitions and dreams, which develop over time, are hard to follow.

I hope so. As someone who quit the game half a dozen times, reminiscing was the only way to remember what I was doing when I returned.

I, like others in this thread, like having all my Ambition “notes” neatly bundled in one place. Also, I know I did not echo some of them into my journal and I shouldn’t like to lose them when ‘reminiscing about ambitions’ disappears.

I liked reminiscing. The Ambition is so long and convoluted I often forget what I was doing. Instead of retiring it, I’d like to see a similar system for other long plotlines, like the Affair of the Box…

Nothing ever happened when I clicked on mine anyway. I couldn’t tell if it was broken or if I was doing something stupid :P

It takes an age to load for me, too – certainly long enough to conclude it’s broken.

This might be a problem since I’m very forgetful and sometimes use it to keep track of what I’ve done so far for Ambition. I may have to start saving snippets in a doc now unless the journals will have something to compensate for this.

I didn’t Echo any of my Ambition, specifically because of the Reminisce feature–I didn’t want to clutter my journal with content that I knew would be kept safe elsewhere. I would like to not lose access to those records. Is there some way they can be retroactively merged into my journal? I now that’s a big request, but I made decisions about what to journal based on the presence of this feature.

I would like to just add myself to the list of people here, who would prefer the functionality of Reminiscing to stay. Ambitions are (probably?) the longest storylines in the game (and they guide you since the start to the moment you have very high stats) and it would be useful to remember what exactly happened before.

My journal is full of a lot of useless entries that I recorded before I realised I should record only the most interesting storylines, so it would be hard to find this information without something like “Reminiscing About Ambitions”.

I had this problem before as well. To make it work you have to click it once, close the box then click it again and it will load.

Oh no, it was incredibly useful! It had everything together in one place, easy to read. The journal is hard to browse, in my opinion!

Just want to add myself to the growing list of “Reminiscing about Ambitions” supporters.

It would be nice that if it is to be retired that it be replaced with a similar feature so one can keep track of what they’ve done and what they’re on track to do in their ambitions.

Yeah, I think the “Reminiscing” option is pretty nice as well, and shouldn’t be retired - maybe remade or something?

I actually think the option to reminisce would be useful for all major storylines, in case people forget to mark stuff in their journal (like me!), although I suppose that would be a bit too much to ask for.