Restrictions on Shipmate legacy

I recently ended a captain’s voyage and found that when selecting the Shipmate legacy, not all officers can be passed on. Specifically, I could not bequeath any of these three of the mascots:

  • Keeper-Moth[/li][li]Eyeless Skull[/li][li]Wakeful Idol

Does anyone know if this is this a bug, or is there some design reason why these particular three can’t be passed on? Other mascots such as the Wretched Mog can be passed on. I’m a bit put out over not being able to pass on the Keeper-Moth, given how hard it was for my last captain to acquire…

I think that a possible reason you cannot pass those is that they are all quest rewards. So if you passed one onto the next captain and then completed the related quest again, you could have two of the same officer. Which would probably cause some problems with the game’s logic.

That does make sense for the Wakeful Idol and the Eyeless Skull (at least the one you find in the Shattered Citadel). But you can select, for example, the Monkey Foundling as a legacy officer, which is also a quest reward. I’m not sure how that would work out in subsequent playthroughs; I assume you would go through the quest at the Empire of Hands as normal to &quotmeet&quot the Foundling, but the random event that adds her as an officer would just never appear since you have her already. If you were able to retain the Keeper-Moth for a future captain, it would make sense to just lock the Moth from being selectable as a potential reward for completing the Neathbow quest, if you already have the Moth.

(shrug) Well, I guess its just something to be aware of in subsequent playthoughs when selecting a Legacy…

It is possible to get multiple Eyeless Skulls though in one playthrough. I myself have one from using my Beginner’s Luck chance at the Avid Horizon, and I still have the option to obtain one in the Forgotten Quarter.

Not to mention the one in Godfall, there was one playthrough in which I found myself with 3.