Restricting cards to specific areas?

I asked this in the creator tools thread but haven’t gotten a single response. I have cards in my main deck that can only be drawn in a certain area. If my players leave that area with the card in their hands, hovering over the card reveals hover text &quotYou must be in (area) to use this card.&quot And yet, they can still click on the card and play it normally without changing location.
Is this a bug? Have I done something wrong? I have those cards assigned to particular areas for a reason. Is there a way to have the cards removed from the player’s hand when they leave the area? Like how they do it in Maelstrom? Do I need to track location with a Quality, or is there some way to do it just using the usual controls?

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I think the documentation says you cant play a card restricted to location anywhere but that location. The tooltip pop on the card will say you can’t. Buy last I checked the card would still play. I wish they’d fix this…or let us at least mark it transient so it would disappear when you leave the area.

What Ive done as a workaround is to use location qualities and require that quality for the card, which is transient and will vanish when the player moves and loses the location quality.

@aira: this is a bug; you should email it to FBG at :)

@gordon: For some reason I vaguely recall some document where Alexis wrote something like “We’d like to fix this but…”

OK thanks for the answers guys. I’ll report it as a bug but it seems I shouldn’t be too hopeful that it will be fixed. I’ll just set a location quality required for each card then. Glad I asked this before creating new material - less to sift through and alter…

Hm… I’ve set up location qualities and made them requirements for all location-specific cards. Unfortunately, while I can’t play the cards in my hand, they are still there. How do I force the game to remove them from the hand when the necessary qualities aren’t met?[li]

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the &quottransient&quot checkbox.
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Make sure you check the box for “Transient” in the cards you want to disappear. The requirement must be in the root branch of the card.