Respectable? How?

To work on my Ambition I need 7 Respectable. I can get 1 or two from clothes, but not sure how to get the rest. The Wiki said I can get 4 respectable from joining The Parthaneum, which I did, but I didn’t get 4 Respectable from it! Any ideas would be helpful. I feel like I can’t complete this Ambition and that’s pretty much all I’ve been trying to do for months.

You’ve genuinely joined the Pathenaeum? As in, it’s definitely equipped in your inventory? How about God’s Editors - they provide a further 4 Respectable if you join them.

what do you mean equipped?

Is this you? svensven

If so then you haven’t joined the Parthenaeum. Be sure to play through all the steps in the Bazaar Sidestreets to earn the item.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 2/21/2013

Are you a Person of Some Importance? You might have had experiences relating to the Parthenaeum, but until you’re a PoSI, you can’t actually join. When you are, you’ll gain them as an “item” in your expanded inventory - look at Reginald Hubris’ profile in my signature for an example.

I did do everything in the Bazaar Sidestreets. I got the message saying I joined, but I can’t find it in my inventory if it’s supposed to be there. I am a

A Member in Good Standing Known at the Door
Your membership is in order.
What am I missing?

I even have the opportunity to “leave my club” in my Lodgings. I’m really lost now :(

It’s not in your expanded inventory? Huh. I’d send a bug report if so.

Ok, I feel REALLY stupid now. Never knew there was an expanded inventory.

Thanks ever so much for the aid :)

Haha, we all overlook things from time to time. Glad I could help. ^^