Requiring legal advice

I’m currently trying to convince the court that a certain Irregular Scholar was of unsound mind when she left her considerable Libarary to Mr. Pages instead of me. This requires me to spend 6 legal documents, which is quite a steep price, but most likely worth it. However, winning the case seems to be a matter of luck. If I should fail and the court rules against me, will I have another chance (in the appeal court perhaps?) or is the Libarary forever lost to me? (It seems that I lose my “Persuing a Case of Books” quality if I lose this, so basicly my question is if I can regain it or if it’s just gone?)

If you lose, your solicitors take a fee, but you keep your accumulated Legal Documents, and can begin your case again. As the man dressed in immaculate linen said, I had to press my suit twice but it was worth it in the end.

Thank you, I knew I could count on my fellow Londoners for swift aid in legal matters like this.

You’ll also have the chance to write your own library, if you’re a scholar who’s been across the zee – so the library is definitely not lost to you, even if the legal route doesn’t work out.