Requesting Help with Adding a Boss

There’s a few questions I have regarding how to do this, but most notably, how would I add a custom image for the creature/ship to use, and how would I make a custom event upon looting it?

Making a custom event is simple enough, but making a custom enemy would require directly modifying the game’s code. Things like qualities, events, and enemy stats are in easily-accessible json files but things like actual graphics, animations, and attacks are within the actual game application.

ALright, fair enough. Though with that in mind, could you run through how to create a custom event?

You can just copy an existing event to use as a template, then replace the text, unlock qualities, reward qualities, event ID, etc with whatever you want in your event. (You’d need to make sure that any IDs weren’t already in use by other events - you can also use an existing ID if you want to change an existing event.) The game has all the events stored in entities/events.json if you want to see the formatting. Mods go in the addons directory as described here.

I think you could edit an existing enemy to link to a different reward event on death. You might also be able to change an enemy to use the attacks of a different enemy, though they would have the same animations.