Request for resources TTRPG

Hi All.
I will be running a tabletop roleplaying game for my gaming group starting in the next month or so. The game will be set in London, on the edge of the Unterzee.

Characters will start in London in 1863 and will experience the Fall and due to a honey related mishap, will awaken 30 years later, aligning with the start of Sunless Sea. The characters will either accept their new life below in the Neath or will try to return to the surface. I do hope to get them out on a ship, low on supplies.

I am already a big fan of wiki and the published Sunless Sky ship roleplay booklet. I plan to use a lot of the art from the Sunless Sea game file to import into Roll20.

My ask is what other resources are available out there?
Looking for maps and other things not already in the wiki.
Art for tokens for use in Roll 20 a plus. Fan created items are fine.
Don’t want to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.

I am happy to share things I create and provide campaign updates if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance!

I do see the old thread talking about system choices, but didn’t want to reply to such an old thread.

for maps I’d suggest pilfering a map of someone’s SS game and as for tokens you might be able to just crop standard Fl images