Replaying the Haunting at the Marsh-house?

[li]I have combed Fallen London and even mildly harassed Mr. Chimes. I am stymied. Is there a way to replay the May event and choose a different outcome? Regret besets me on all sides.

AFAIK, the only way to replay a story - ANY story - that isn’t a ‘carousel’, is to start a new character.

I think Failbetter said that the EF stories will be available again in the future, possibly after 3 months, but it will cost fate to play them.

I thought that was intended for people who missed them the first time around; hadn’t considered that they might also enable you to replay the story (perhaps for a different reward?)

Most if not all of the stories you can buy on the NEX page can be purchased again to redo- for Trade In Souls you would I believe lose the Shepherd’s Timepiece/Spirifer’s Fork, and could make different choices. I’m willing to bet that when the EF stories go up on the NEX page, the same will apply.
(There are some other non-carousel stories that can be replayed- you can spend fate to go back through the Past Benefactor, or replay Jack or the non-carousel part of Affair of the Box, and you can repeat the two fate locked expeditions if you pay again as well.)

But equally there are also plenty of stories that can’t be replayed. Uncovering Secrets Frames in Gold is one example. The two original stories in the House of Chimes (silk-clad expert and the soldier) are also non-replayable.

For some reason I thought I’d stumbled over a card from my opportunities deck that offered a replay not long after I completed the event. But I’m hoping there is an option. In hindsight I chose poorly. I also somehow completed the event very quickly (2nd day) and feel I didn’t get to see much of it.

I’d like to replay it as well, sort of breezed through it without exploring and didnt realize it would go so fast. Plus I’d rather steal their house.