Replaying Exceptional Stories


If I replay a story and/or season, do I lose any material items gained from the initial play through?

I am considering running through some of my favorites again. I would assume that we would keep anything gained from the first run, since we are paying for these. But would like to confirm upfront.


You keep any items you gain, only qualities are reset.

Thank you; good to know.


[quote=suinicide]You keep any items you gain, only qualities are reset.[/quote]Really? Including unique equipment like the Knapt from Flint?

I knew there would be that one ES that slipped my mind :P. Yes, the Flint items are reset, but I can’t think of any others.

Resetting an ES removes any unique items and qualities, including rewards like the Knapt and the items that unlock the season finale. Playing the story again allows you to regain those items.

They do not removed items that unlock the season finale, as I currently have four of them on my mantle piece :P
(though it is possible it inconsistently removes it)
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The marsh house resets. Mirror catch boxes don’t.

Mirrorcatch Boxes aren’t unique items. Not only can you get multiple once you play the story, but they were also obtainable from an access code, K&C, and the ES teaser storylet.

Just to clarify, I had meant the end reward from each story or season, not any of the components therein.

But I appreciate the feedback. I think the gist of it is that unique items reset with a story reset, other reward items do not. At least that’s what I’m interpreting here.