Repentant Forger and the Weird Painting (spoilers)

Hi Everyone, I’m after a bit of advice. I’ve gotten the Repentant Forger to clean up a painting for me and he has removed a couple of layers but there appears that there is more work to be done. Unfortunately, browsing the forum, I get the impression that if I keep cajoling the forger to clean up the painting I might hurt him / lose him as an acquaintance.

Could someone please let me know, broadly speaking, if it’s worth pushing him to get any further?

If this is fate locked content, please PM me.

My Scholar of the Correspondence is at 7 at the moment.

This may not be the answer you want to hear, but that storyline – which is indeed Fate-locked – gets most of its emotional and narrative weight from forcing you to make the choice in a state of uncertainty. In my opinion, you’d lose more than you’d gain from reading PMs about this – even if they were just ‘Yes, it’s worth it’ or ‘No, it isn’t.’ Most storylines are Fate-locked because Failbetter need to eat. This one is Fate-locked for another reason, which is that it’s acutely sensitive to spoilers.

If you still definitely want to know, though, post again or message me and I’ll PM you.

Thanks for the response, Flyte. I’m very much in two minds on this, but I value my acquaintance with the forger more than a little knowledge of the correspondence, which I’m fairly sure I can get elsewhere.

As such, I’ll forgo the content and sell the painting, but I would be grateful if you would PM me with an idea on what I’m missing out on.

Funny this subject came up again. I just drew an allegedly &quotrare&quot opportunity card on the Bazaar Sidestreets that I’d never seen before. One option required 10 SotC and 54 Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold. The result bumped Uncovering… to 60. Anyone had this happen? Is the story continuing?[li]

Never seen the card. I would love it though.

Curious! I just forced myself to the end of the Uncovering Secrets storyline (I am sorry to lose the Forger, but it was brutally IC of my character to do it) and it would be nice to know this terrible decision might pay off somehow. Haven’t seen the card either, but I’ll be on the lookout.[li]
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