Removing Companion Names

So one thing I noticed is that, while you can rename a companion to basically anything within the bounds of the naming rules, it seems like you cannot remove the name. I really want to simply reset all of the names of my companions because I love how strange and esoteric the original ones are. “Deshrieked Mandrake” is such an interesting name (and I also don’t really like how the UI for the name has the nickname and then the actual name in parentheses). I want to be able to return the name back to the original. Can this be done in any way?

I’m not aware that it can be done but maybe it’s worth dropping an email to support? Maybe it’s something that could be implemented with minimal fuss.

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Have you tried to put a blank name when renaming them (not writing anything, pressing rename)? Not sure it will work, but it may be worth a shot.

I remember that years ago the name was reset if you lost/sold every pet/companion of the same type, but it seems to not longer be the case.

That’ll likely be the best way to deal with this, it seems. Thanks for the advice!

I tried putting a blank name, it simply will not work. There’s a lot of weird stuff surrounding this naming mechanic for some reason.