Removing a Criminal Record

Can one remove or reduce a criminal record gained from being sent back to New Newgate prison?

If so, how, and are there any requirements?

There’s no known way of reducing your criminal record.

[quote=RandomWalker]There’s no known way of reducing your criminal record.[/quote]A pity. For the sake of role playing I had hoped to avoid such a thing, however I valued making acquaintance with the Repentant Forger more.

To be fair, you’ve had a record all along – remember where you started the game? XD

For the first time, you can RP that you were unjustly arrested or somesuch. If you’re completely dedicated to RPing an honest person, you could arrange for a friend to dupe you, which will give you suspicion without committing any crime. I’ve got to say, though, that crime definitely does pay in the Neath, and you’ll be missing out on a lot if you stick to the straight and narrow.

You can actualyl get sent to prison without triggering the criminal record storylet. Which is maybe an oversight, but a few storylines send you there directly without the trial storylet that increases your record.

The other option is to pay fate to meet the forger, when secrets framed in gold shows up.

Yus, but as far as I know you can’t get him back without both fate/nex and going to prison.

EDIT: I misread the original topic! Yeah, you can just pay the fate/nex to get his acquaintance in the first place, and then don’t do the things he clearly and explicitly doesn’t want you to do. >_> No prison required, and it’s a fantastic story!

(Also, Secrets Framed In Gold shows up once you become a Scholar of the Correspondence and can read a sigil telling you to buy a painting on an opportunity card.)
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How nasty is this Criminal Record?
Should I be worried about its unremoveableness?

I don’t think you’ll notice any difference unless you get up to Criminal Record 4, in which case you won’t be able to use the Ablution Absolution anymore.

Some cases might be explained if those who sent you there don’t want to be on record as sending people to prison. Escpecially if it’s sending to prison without trial.

High criminal records can be nasty, as the game will confisticate echoes, and, I think, other things such as rostygold. Don’t get sent to prison if you can help it.

If your criminal record is high, you’ll also get a large drop in Connected: Constables and Society, and I’ve even seen mentions of losing Notability.

Some cases might be explained if those who sent you there don’t want to be on record as sending people to prison. Escpecially if it’s sending to prison without trial.[/quote]

Well it’s if it’s not intended that you go without a trial then skipping the trial storylet is possibly a bug.

That said, one of the cases I can remember off the top of my almost certainly not something the people in question would want exposed in a public trial, so.

What are some good ways to, ah, visit New Newgate from, say, the Flit? I’m asking for a friend. Of course I would never personally have anything to do with such awful criminals, you understand. The darling does have such terribly low tastes.

The only options for getting into New Newgate without standing trial that I am aware of (beyond a card that lets you visit to investigate an escapee, and doesn’t let you stay and enjoy the atmosphere) are either Ambition related, tied to the face-tailor storyline, or involve failing when attempting to rob the brass embassy in the Flit. The only reason I hesitate to mention that last one is that it does 20CP damage to your shadowy, which is mildly annoying, and removes any connected:hell, which is fine by me, but might be a problem for your friend.
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20 CP shadowy damage is pretty easily fixed though, while a criminal record is not, soooo.

But yes, rob the brass embassy and fail.

Which could get awkward if you accidentally succeed.
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I thank you. And my, um, friend thanks you. The one with the regrettable tastes.

The best way to deal with your criminal record is just to avoid going to prison as much as possible and only go once to get various things there unavailable anywhere else. Once your record gets higher than familiar face though then the Ablution Absolution won’t work and your suspision will almost be stuck and will be almost unable to be lowered.

Irrigo has never felt Worse:
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