Remeber the time I betrayed you on Hallowmas?

I already expressed my sincerest apologies for my insensitive action. But I realised that this was hardly sufficient to compensate for my totally inappropriate, inexcusable and vile demenour.

So since then I mercilessly collected first city coins. Finally I reached a adequate amount to offer a (regrettably only insignificant) compensation.

Therefore please notify me therewith I can consign quite a number of mintage to you. Of course this can never be enough, but please be kind enough accept them nonetheless.

(PS: Is there a way to check up ingame[color=rgb(84, 84, 84)] [/color]who was betryad by me?)

I’m not sure if there’s a way to see who you’ve betrayed - I have no such list of my own.
But others can see on their side by going to the Myself tab, and under the Story qualities, look for &quotExposed by…&quot
Having said that, there’s a section for &quotTrust&quot, so there’s presumably one for betrayals too. Take a look and see what you can find. :-)