Reliable way to raise Connected: the Church?

I think the hound of heaven or the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner’s quick commission in Veilgarden. Its not really grindable. Also dumping any connected pet you have and hanging out in ladybones road.
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Robin is correct. 1000 Souls and 100 Infernal Contracts will get you 10 levels of Connected: Church. Also 10 levels of Connected: Society and Connected: Constables. However, because this option for raising those Connections is on an Opportunity card, it is not a reliable grind. Sometimes you might get the card twice running, and other times (depending upon the Lodgings you use and how often you go through your Actions) it might not show up for a while. (The card, if you’ve played the Fate-locked story chain that adds it to your deck, is of Standard Frequency).
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Even so, it is a very powerful way of increasing those connections! That option cures all of your menaces as well and, combined with a Cider, it can offer a great EPA. Besides the Hound you have A Rousing Hymn used with this to increase Inspired, Spending Secrets, some options in University with this ending, in the 4th Coil (didn’t check this one).
Other cards include The Fallen Angel (Dangerous 69 - 106), Church CCs (Boh, GG, Hell), Church card, no connection pet, Spite candle exchange, Day at the Races, God’s Editors option.

What about Religion and Art at the Shuttered Palace? Unless you’re mad, bad, and dangerous to know, of course!

Added that as well, but most of the times I just copy+paste from my templates or make one on the rush. That’s why I have those namings for each option. :D
Should stop doing so I guess!

They say that frowning upon the actions of the "sinful’ factions of the Game, the Devils and the Bohemians makes one closer to the Church.