Relearning the Lore

Around two years ago, beset by real life, I took an extended break from Fallen London. This I regret somewhat, since up until that point, I had been greatly enjoying playing the game and delving into the lore. Especially the second part, now that I’ve returned, one of my regrets is having missed out on a great many updates (including, as I understand, a number of limited-time stories). So I was wondering, is there any good way for me to catch up with the Fallen London lore since around May/June 2014 (more or less), or anyone who could help sketch out some major updates for someone who as of that time had maxed out his stats and gameplay, but wouldn’t have partaken in major events and storylines since then?

  • I see you found your Ambition update, which was a sizable chunk!
  • Assuming you’re out of the Court, Port Carnelian is now available post-Foreign Office.
  • Ambition:Engima was updated during this year’s Advent season
  • the Heptagoat is now among us
  • Hallowmas this year had a very different timeline, but many people made 500 Spirit
  • there are caps/changes to quirks which were introduced (I started the game in September 2014, so I don’t have a point of reference for them)
  • there are Quirk polishing items available to get above 12 requiring high stats (250+) at the cost a connection item and an opposing quirk.
  • Exceptional Friends gain access to a unique story every month
  • a Favors/Reputation system was introduced for Criminals and will eventually replace the existing connections systems
  • the Unzee now had no draw limit but a 3 card hand limit and some changed cards (Zee Clipper for sure).
  • experimental content, A Flash Lay, with its own deck and mechanics, can be found in Veilgarden
  • depending if you came earlier in Advent, there was a lucky dip with rare/not so rare items available from the urchins carrying a sack
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Welcome back.

I’m fairly new, but I’ll mention recent things that I know about.

Besides those listed above, each of the stats has a Making Your Name storyline with nice (for the level) equipment. Location unlocks are free if you follow the story. Shadowy was implemented in the past few months, after I joined.

Going into areas that empty your hand no longer destroys your hand. They will return upon the time when you leave the zones that formerly cleared your hand. You won’t lose cards that you are saving for later… or undiscardable cards that you don’t want.

Flash Lays were added. I have not done it yet, so I can’t really comment on it.
Entering the Empress’ Court is no longer as complicated… if you are not kicked out. Just use the free storylet in the Shuttered Palace, instead of the expensive one in your Lodging.

Several new Home Comforts from Mr. Sacks. The 9 main Masters now all have an item.[li]
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I’m not sure how much will have changed since you left, but if you want to get a top-up on Neathy lore, this wiki is brilliant :)

Here is also excellent for lore questions.

Oh, and welcome back to Fallen London! :)

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@Zmflavius: just to clarify since you said &quotlimited-time stories&quot: all the monthly Exceptional Stories become available for Fate about 6 months after their original subscription-only release. ;)

Thanks everybody, this is pretty helpful!

And this is an, if I may say so, exceptional relief.

To add slightly more to your already exceptional relief, it’s actually 3 months rather than 6 :) Well, usually. There was a two-parter recently that wobbled the timetable a bit but, by default, it’s 3 months

I should point out that (as I understand it) this was a change from the previous system, where sections of the four main Quality-based storylines would become available when your Attribute(s) reached a certain point then become obsolete if your Attributes rose too high. This still happens with mundane and miscellaneous actions in the game (so thankfully you’re not gonna still be chasing horse carriages as a POSI) but having that happen to main story content could make it entirely possibly to miss out on important stuff in the game if you were purely grinding stats and not doing actual content.
(Edit: My apologies if I’m wrong about this one - I’m not sure on the specifics. I suppose it also could have been done to ensure that players encounter stuff in the correct order too.)

When you begin playing again (if you’ve not already logged in), the game may ask how far along each of those Quality-related storylines you are. If you’re not sure, you could do what I did and pick the lowest-level and work back through the story again. It may also ask other things related to your character, but you’ll see those when they crop up - not anything to lose sleep over. :-)

Welcome (back!), Zmflavius. ^_^
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Oh yes, the making your name trackers. If you’ve started playing again at all you’ll trip over them, but they were worth a fair bit of free CP levels if you were willing to go through them again. You couldn’t get locked out of either Dangerous or Shadowy but being exiled from the court or finished with the University closed those trackers automatically.
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