Relaxing of Spoiler Policy

We are formally relaxing our spoiler policy as of today.

The stories we have previously asked you to keep especially secret are now allowable in public discussion. These are: the Discordance, Enigma, Secrets Framed in Gold, Where You and I Must Go and the later stages of the Seeking storyline.

For the forums, this means that the previously verboten stories are now simply subject to the usual spoiler rules: keep mention of them to the relevant threads and use spoiler tags where appropriate. The wiki team is aware and will add the new info in due course.

The time for utmost secrecy around these things has passed, and as discerning players, you can still avoid these spoilers in the same manner as you avoid all of the spoilers for other mysteries in our games.


That’s great news, even though I wasn’t even aware that Secrets Framed in Gold and Where You and I Must Go were part of the VERBOTEN group.


There was some hidden content in there somewhere. I’m only vaguely aware of what it even is (stay on the 'berg an unreasonable amount of time?), and somehow got the impression that it’s Seeking-related but don’t know if that’s actually true.

I’m fully aware of what it is. I just wasn’t aware it used to be more than normal-Exceptional-Story-secret.

By the Judgements, this is big. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. Information should be free, and people should have the right to spoil themselves if they want to and all that, but there was something beautiful about SMENdings and the like being something that you couldn’t find anywhere on the entire internet unless you used some very intense google techniques. The whole reason I got into Fallen London was because I had heard of the horrible self-destructive storyline the ending of which not a single person had widely spoiled, and I wanted to find that elusive information for myself. I got attached to my character before I even started Seeking, and now my alt is walking along the Seeking Road. I won’t spoil myself, but it does feel like some of the little mystery that we had left has gone from the world.

EDIT: I am glad that we can just tell people that Enigma is just a couple of somewhat interesting Developer’s Commentaries and that no one will ever have to go trawling through Wikipedia and their bookshelves like I had to do again.


I had the exactly same way of getting lured to London via reading about SMEN - and being impressed by the general acceptance of secrets. by now, of course I am too much in love with this world & my character to send him seeking - and way too lazy to create an alt. so who knows, maybe I’ll spoil myself.
and even though luckily no one will have to search for cryptic clues from the earlier days of the internet, having completed the Wikipedia dive felt like quite an achievement.

on the other hand, most of those stories are slightly older (by modern technology‘s standards) and some seem not even that relevant anymore. so I kind of understand the decision (I think?!). sometimes old ways need to make way for new ones (or something).