Registered but no "authenticate" code

Hi, I’m new to Sunless Sea (Steam). I have the game installed and saw there was an option in account management for updates. I registered exactly as it said, but I have not received an authentication number nor can I find a way to generate one from Fallen London thingie. I activated via email as it said.

Thanks for the help.

I have the same issue

I’ve run across this issue as well, but thankfully stumbled upon the code elsewhere: absinthegreen

Everyone gets the exact same code? That’s really weird.

Everyone gets the exact same code? That’s really weird.[/quote]

I’m guessing here. It looks like playing Fallen London unlocks various codes. Again, that’s a guess. They really need to Fail better at describing what that Authenticate does.

Iirc the code was only supposed to be used during early access, but some bug is making the game ask for it again.