Regarding the stickies

I’m sure many of you have noticed that the Goat and Cider owner lists are no longer being updated, and haven’t been for years now. It kind of begs the question of whether those threads are worth keeping stickied, and if perhaps they shouldn’t be relaunched with new managers (if anyone is willing to go through the trouble of sorting through what are no doubt substantial backlogs on the goat thread in particular).

On the other hand, the list of Paramount Presences, which IS actively maintained, doesn’t have a pin on it.

Something for the mods to consider?

I posted my brag-post in Cider Club nine months ago, and no, I did not notice that it wasn’t being updated. :-)

Yes, anyone is of course free to keep replying to the threads if they’re happy to simply add to the mass of posts and be done with it, but the first-post lists themselves apparently haven’t been updated since 2017. It seems the owner has been online since then, but no new posts since that year either. It doesn’t seem very likely they’ll be coming back to the task any time soon.

I also hadn’t noticed this until after I posted in the goat thread, but that was more than two years ago. These stickies have been neglected for a long time.

Feels like a microcosm of the forums, honestly. Some days it seems like we’re ghosts haunting an old house too large for our meagre number, who refuse to move on to the Great Beyonds of Reddit and Discord (neither seems a Paradise to our present Purgatory, if I may be permitted to be a bit coy).

More like a deeper circle of Hell.

I’m sure some people enjoy those kind of threads, but as far as the Paramount Presence one goes, I’m with Tywin.

I am here and considering how to manage these threads, and I appreciate bringing this to my attention! You haven’t been forgotten!

[quote=Diptych] I am here and considering how to manage these threads, and I appreciate bringing this to my attention! You haven’t been forgotten![/quote] Apologies if my other post came off as ungrateful, I actually quite like the mood here. The other official venues are slightly too busy and noisy, and even though I don’t need to catch up on every post and comment I’ve missed, it’s a difficult urge to supress. Here, a few minutes usually suffices, more if there’s an exciting development or Festival. To borrow from tumblr-style tone indicators, &quotWe’re ghosts haunting this forgotten place [affectionate]&quot.

It didn’t come across as ungrateful! I just wanted to reassure you that this community is still cared for. :D I prefer the pace of the forum - it’s not sleepy, it’s restful!

Also worth noting: Hell worm thread needed. No, i’m not just saying that because it’s the first vanity item i ever attained why do you ask?

Wiki pages would be better than forum threads for this purpose, actually.

And your signature says you’re a Paramount Presence. That’s more of a vanity grind than anything else besides the Heptagoat. The other goats, the Cider, and the worm are all useful things to have.

PP doesn’t do much for the player who has it, but it does come with a very useful social action.